Annotative Database of miRNA Elements

ADmiRE Highlights

  • Annotation wrapper for adding comprehensive miRNA annotations to a user supplied list of variants (tab-separated format)
  • Adds information for miRNA domains, gnomAD mean allele frequency percentiles, evolutionary conservation, etc.


Published in Human Mutation

  • Framework for microRNA variant annotation and prioritization using human population and disease datasets Human Mutation
Description of miRNA variant annotations included in ADmiRE

Description of annotations added to each base within miRNA region

Index ADmiRE Annotations Description
1 MIRNA Precursor Name (miRBase)
2 PRE_ID Precursor ID (miRBase)
3 Family_Name miRNA Family Name (miRBase)
4 Family_ID miRNA Family ID (miRBase)
5 Mature_Name Mature Name (miRBase) (if applicable)
6 Mature_ID Mature ID (miRBase) (if applicable)
7 High_Confidence High Confidence (miRBase)
8 Conserved_ADmiRE Conserved ADmiRE (This study)
9 Robust_FANTOM5 Robust miRNA (FANTOM5 project)
10 HMDD_Targets.PMID Curated experiementally validated targets (PubMed ID) (HMDD)
11 HMDD_Disease.PMID Known associated disease (HMDD)
12 miRTarBase_Validated.Targets Curated experimentally validated targets (miRTarBase)
13 miRTarBase_TargetGene.Validation.type Method of target validation (miRTarBase)
14 miRTarBase_Reference.PMID Publication of target validation (miRTarBase)
15 gnomad_af_precursor_quantile AF percentile from this study with mean AF across precursor miRNAs
16 gnomad_af_mature_quantile AF percentile from this study with mean AF across mature miRNAs
17 gnomad_af_family_quantile AF percentile from this study with mean AF across all mature miRNAs in a family
18 MIRNA_Feature miRNA Domain (miRBase- Figure 1)
19 Precursor_Pos Base position in precursor domain
20 Pred_Motif Predicted Motif in Precursor (CNNC, basalUG, UGU, UGUG, loop)
21 Mature_Pos Base position in mature domain
22 PhyloP_100way PhyloP 100way- Vertebrate scores
23 PhastCons_100way Phastcons 100way- Vertebrate scores
24 gnomAD_Count gnomAD AC for all alleles at the position
25 gnomAD_MAF gnomAD AF for all alleles at the position